babel dependencies 문제

babel dependencies

설치 및 테스트 과정에서 babel dependencies 처럼 라이브러리 종속 관련 문구가 보일 경우가 있다.

One of your dependencies, babel-preset-react-app, is importing the
"@babel/plugin-proposal-private-property-in-object" package without
declaring it in its dependencies. This is currently working because
"@babel/plugin-proposal-private-property-in-object" is already in your
node_modules folder for unrelated reasons, but it may break at any time.

babel-preset-react-app is part of the create-react-app project, which
is not maintianed anymore. It is thus unlikely that this bug will
ever be fixed. Add "@babel/plugin-proposal-private-property-in-object" to
your devDependencies to work around this error. This will make this message
go away.

해결법은 라이브러리를 하나 추가시키면 가능하다.

npm install --save-dev @babel/plugin-proposal-private-property-in-object

record 12

알아야 한다.. 사소한 것도

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